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South Korea again gives a go ahead to use of human eggs in cloning research

South Korea is playing a risky game as it has given the permission for using human eggs in cloning research despite a high level scandal in their country which involved one of their top scientists admitting to his involvement in doctored research work. Hwang Woo-suk was the scientist who had claimed that he had cloned human embryos and extracted stem cells from them but it was found out that all his claims were false. What raised eyes were when eggs required for research were donated by a female scientist in his team and this questioned the ethics of such practice. This shameful incident caused Hwang Woo-suk to resign from his post at the Seoul National University and is now facing trial for misappropriation of government funds. In order to get over the shameful act the government has again given a go ahead to use of human eggs in cloning but this time with an act of caution and under a new set of guidelines has asked that researchers should only use eggs which are to be destroyed after fertility treatments or from other legal ways and a prior license would have to be obtained from the government for undertaking research. It seems this time South Korea wants to take no chances. Via theage

South Korean scientists claim first cloned wolves

South Korean scientist Hwang-Woo-Suk claimed to have succeeded in cloning wolves. These two wolves belong to endanger species. According to Lee Byeong-chun, a veterinary professor of Seoul National University these two were born in Oct. 18 and 26 in 2005. The research department of University says that DNA test of both wolves , named Snuwolf and Snuwolffy shows that both are cloned and the result will be published in the Journal Cloning and stem cell. The team did not immediately provide any independent verification of the DNA tests. Lee’s team succeeded in cloning a female dog, an Afghan hound named Bona, last year after creating the world’s first cloned dog in 2005.

Biotechnology: Boon to Human being

Bio-Technology can be a study driven scientific disciplines, a mixture of The field of biology along with Technologies. That covers numerous subject matter such as Genetics, bio chemistry , Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, Biochemistry and also Architectural and it is concerned with a great many other themes such as Health and Medication, agriculture and Dog Husbandry, Farming system and Plants Operations, Ecology, mobile or portable medical Soil technology as well as Soil Efficiency, Bio-statistics, Seed Composition, Seeds Technologies etc. Bio-Technology may be the using life, especially cellular material and bacterias in business process.

You will find there’s wonderful setting in this area as the need for biotechnologist are usually increasing within Of india as well as overseas. Medical is most lightly looked as the ability of making use of dwelling bacteria along with their products for the production of foods, drink, treatments or some other good things about mankind, and other canine types.

Ever since then “biotechnology” has swiftly advanced and broadened. Inside the mid-forties, scale-up and industrial production of prescription antibiotics such as penicillin occurred. Particularly utilized were (any) remoteness of the organism producing mit appealing utilizing screening/selection processes, and also (n) advancement regarding generation produces by way of mutagenesis in the patient or even marketing associated with media as well as fermentation problems. This kind of “antique” medical is fixed to chemical substances created in mother nature. Additionally it is limited by the trial-and-error approach, and requires an extended schedule (many years or perhaps decades) with regard to generate advancement.

Regarding two decades back, medical started to be much more of a research (instead of an art form). Aspects of Genetic make-up (called genes) put together in order to contain data that could bring about activity associated with certain proteins (which can be strings of proteins). These meats have their own individual identification along with purpose; many catalyze (help) compound responses, yet others tend to be structural aspects of organizations throughout cellular material. If one now’s able to express an all-natural gene within easy bacterias including Escherichia coli (E. coli), any bacterium moving into digestive tract that has become the actual product living thing for most of medical, it’s possible to possess this particular germs make a great deal of the particular necessary protein numbered pertaining to by the gene, irrespective their source.
Particularly used by this specific development consist of (any) seclusion of the gene code to get a protein of interest, (n) cloning of this gene into a suitable creation web host, and (h) increasing expression through the use of much better marketers, more restrictive rules, etc.; together these techniques are classified as recombinant Genetic tactics. These types of is going to be talked about in several period in the program.