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Will cloned food get organic label?

FDA has given the approval for cloned milk and meat but this has raised a number of questions among the people. Some experts believe that cloned food should be labeled as organic food only if it has been raised in an organic way. On the other hand some people are not quite happy with the fact that cloned food should be awarded an organic label. This debate will continue until an advisory panel comes up with a solution on this issue but most of the people believe that opponents would emerge victorious in this debate and the word organic clone would be included soon. This would not be an easy job and it would be quite difficult to regulate this science since it keeps on changing. Jerry Redding, USDA spokesman said: The Agriculture Department spent years crafting a definition of ”organic,” integrating the advice of record-breaking 50,000-plus public comments. But even after all that the issue of clones ”really never came up internally or externally until the FDA made its announcement about cloned animals being safe Let’s see how far the debate goes, till then wait and watch!!

No particular labels for cloned food, says FDA

You are skeptical about consuming cloned food but it might be difficult to distinguish whether the product placed on shelf is cloned or not as FDA has decided that there would be no special labels put on these products as the government states that it has not found any major difference between cloned and conventional livestock. Shocked but don’t worry as in order to sort your confusion the round green USDA organic seal would be used. This label would also imply clone free product. Up till now people have given a mixed reaction whether they would be comfortable with consumption of cloned food or not. We will have to wait for the reaction of people when cloned food reaches the retail shelf and then only the picture would become clear. Also if the government has found no problem in case of cloned food then it should make an effort to popularize it and remove all the misconceptions in the mind of the public.