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Notorious cancer gene may be responsible for tumor growth

A recent study has confirmed that a notorious cancer gene may be the reason for growth of tumor. Research involved the study of a protein called PMR1 which is a major player in the unusual mechanism that cells use for restraining the production of important proteins. Daniel R. Schoenberg, Professor, molecular and cellular biochemistry stated: The link between Src and cancer was discovered 30 years ago, but to this day, we still don’t know its exact role in tumor development. Our data suggest that Src may promote cancer by causing PMR1 to halt production of proteins that normally put the brakes on cell growth – tumor-suppressor proteins, for example, or other growth-regulating proteins The researchers figured out that activation takes place when PMR1 is joined temporarily by an unidentified enzyme and a contact with these enzymes leads to some changes in PMR1 properties and it also binds its targets mRNA. Via biologynews