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Stem Cells to Be Used In Bone Regeneration for the First Time in India

In one of the scientific trials which is being regarded as first for India, stem cells would be used for bone regeneration and the trials are already in the final stages of approval. Though trials have been conducted globally earlier too but they have never taken place on such a large scale. This will be the first time where efforts are being made by adhering to international standards. The trial would be conducted at PGIMER, CMC and AIIMS on around three hundred people suffering from avascular necrosis. Up till now around ten people have been operated using stem cells in AIIMS and in nine of the cases no adverse affect was figured out. Under this stem cells are separated from bone marrow and then they are mixed with bone and then the mix is implanted into the affected bone and it would take around two years for the trial to complete and the patient won’t be charged anything for the treatment.