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Biological therapy is the latest answer to cancer

The other day when I came across the term Biological therapy, it made me wonder what it is. It is a form of therapy that uses body’s ‘own immune system’ to fight a disease. In other words, natural body substances are used to fight diseases.In this case, we will be looking at how the immune system fights cancer. Cancer can occur anywhere in the body when extra cells develop i.e. they grow where they shouldn’t. Cancer spreads quickly because, once the extra cells develop, they can spread quickly. In order to prevent these cells from growing, certain therapies like chemotherapy are used. It is a form of biological therapy. Biological therapy uses biological response modifiers (BRM’s), which concentrates on specific drugs. Antibodies and cytokines are examples of BRM’s. Here’s a few examples of biological therapies: *Interferons or IFN’s are drugs that imitate the cytokines. This kind of therapy can also transform cancerous cell to normal growth cells. The IFN alpha was one of the first immunotherapy that treated cancer. *Interleukins stimulate or rather instigate White blood cells to fight cancer. These elements help the body attack cancerous cells. So, these are the good guys. IL2 is used for kidney cancer. *Monclonal antibodies helps the body distinguish between cancerous cells and normal blood cells. These are manufactured in the medical labs from a single cell of a human antibody. Wow! I think that is unique. *Cancer vaccines: Vaccines do fall under the biological therapy as well. Vaccines are normally allowed to prevent the disease. But, in case of cancer vaccines, they can only be administered after a person is detected with cancer. Epithelial growth factor receptor (EGFR) drugs help prevent the growth of harmful cancer cells. There are also a few other types of biological treatments. These bio therapy drugs are administered to the human body in various ways. The medications can be taken alone or in combination with other treatments. Whatever it is and however they may work, they have one common goal: to reduce, prevent and eliminate cancer. Image Credits: Wetpaint