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Pre-hatching prototype vaccine to provide immunity against infectious bronchitis virus

Do you know that each year the UK poultry industry suffers losses to the tune of £23.6M due to infectious bronchitis virus? In order to reduce the losses, researchers are developing a way for vaccinating the chicks against the disease and that too while they are still in the egg. The infection has been found out to reduce production of eggs, cause severe respiratory disease and also have a damaging eff ect on the quality of eggs. Researchers from Institute for Animal Health and Intervet UK have developed a pre-hatching prototype vaccine virus which offers immunity against IBV. Robotic vaccinators are used for vaccinating the chicks while they are still within the egg. Researchers used reverse genetic system for producing new vaccine strains. Paul Britton, Head of the Coronavirus Group, IAH Compton said: This hybrid virus was able to induce immunity when inoculated before hatching. When hatched chicks were exposed to the virulent M41 strain, we observed protection rates of up to 100 percent. With the UK poultry industry sustaining losses of £23.6M a year to infectious bronchitis virus we hope that our research could have a real impact on improving yields for UK farmers.