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Get Rid Of Your Pacemaker with Biotechnology

Are you aware that more than 250,000 persons in U.S. get an artificial pacemaker each year but this news would certainly bring smile on the faces of people suffering from heart ailments. A custom designed protein and gene delivery system has been successfully used by UC Davis researchers for restoring the normal heart rhythms in pigs with electronic pacemakers. This certainly gives a hint that scientists are very close to realizing bioengineering which could help in the treatment of more than 2.2 million Americans who are suffering from irregular heartbeats. As per Ronald Li, Leader of research team and associate professor, UC Davis School of Medicine Our study offers positive and direct evidence in living models that bioengineered cells can replace the electronic pacemaker. Our hope is to one day replace electronic pacemakers in people It is expected that this research would offer a permanent and more reliable alternative to implanted electronic devices.

Now the heart can be bioengineered piece by piece!

Technology and medical science have converged to give birth to ‘prototypes’ of all cardiovascular structures! Thanks to the researchers at the University of Michigan. They have helped engineer the prototypes of heart muscle, tri-leaflet valves, blood vessels, cell-based cardiac pumps and tissue engineered ventricles. According to them, today, it’s possible to engineer the heart piece by piece! But, they also noted, hurdles still remain before the products of this tissue engineering are ready to be implanted in patients as replacements for diseased or malformed structures. Ravi Birla, director of the University of Michigan, Artificial Heart Laboratory, and Louise Hecker, a graduate student in the University of Michigan, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology have analyzed the technologies used to engineer the heart. They’ve not just analyzed what was happening at the University of Michigan, but in other labs worldwide as well. Regenerative Medicine has just published their article under the title — Engineering the heart piece by piece: state of the art in cardiac tissue engineering.