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Biotechnology an Unknown Term to Dominicans

This is something shocking!! Most of the Dominicans have never heard about biotechnology or genetically modified foods. Just 18% agricultural producers are aware about agro biotechnology. Another surprising fact is that the national education system does nothing for creating a pool of professional talent for biotechnology field as the academic curriculum is devoid of fundamental subjects such as physics, biology and biochemistry. The problem is at the roots where professors, academic authorities at the elementary and superior level as well as students have never been exposed to biology, biochemistry and biotechnology. The survey was undertaken by the Centre for Agribusiness and Forestal Development (CEDAF). CEDAF reports said: In general, Dominicans do not possess notions that would allow them to consider past, present and future contributions in the biotechnological field, given that, in general, people are not aware of the existence of thousands of biotechnological products, such as penicillin, antibiotics, wine and beer. Certainly this reflects the sorry state of affairs of Dominican Republic.