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Platrol, an Effective Antiplatelet Drug

Have you heard about Platrol? It is being considered as one of the first anti platelet drug which has demonstrated forty percent more efficacy and very little toxicity resulting in higher therapeutic index when compared with Aspirin and other anti platelet drugs during clinical trials. Due to its inherent sustained release property it is also being hailed as a long term cardio protective drug. Platrol has been found out to behave in a similar fashion to Aspirin and has been found out to decrease blood clotting through a dual mechanism. When compared to Aspirin this drug does not have acidic group intact and studies have demonstrated that it does not have any toxicity. This drug has been found out to be effective among all drugs researched and US cardiologists have shown confidence in this drug and have stated that they would prescribe this drug due to lower toxicity when compared to Aspirin.