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Improve livestock productivity with Animal Biotechnology

Most of the developing economies around the world have better crop productivity but seems to be lacking behind in the productivity of livestock. Livestock has an important part to play in the agriculture sector but most of the developing economies have a poor genetic potentiality of indigenous animals and this is causing a lot of problems in the development of live stock in the country. If the productivity is to be improved it would only be possible through genetic improvements of indigenous stock. Animal biotechnology has opened up a number of ways for improving livestock. A number of countries are deploying biotechnology through embryo transfer technology, stem cell biology, proteomics and genomics, bioinformatics, bioinformatics and a number of other technologies. This field is a knowledge driven technology and it requires new ideas and concepts for developing new tools and processes for innovative models. If benefit is to be derived from the field of animal biotechnology then a pool of talent is required from a number of disciplines such as chemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, biofinancing and bioenterprise.