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Financial Risks Preventing Research for AIDS Vaccine

Scientific and financial risks are preventing a number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from making huge investments with their own funds in AIDS vaccine research. Companies fear that they might not be able to recover their long term investment in drug research as HIV is quite prevalent in developing countries which are unable to afford such costly treatments. Though there has been an increase in worldwide funding for AIDS and also philanthropic and federal funding has seen a rise but investment from the private sector has decreased. There is an increased requirement for the participation of industry in the fight against AIDS as it involves a disciplined approach in project management and clinical trials.

Biotech Companies Unwilling To Make Large Investments in AIDS Vaccine

A number of biotechnology companies are not willing to make huge investments with their own money in AIDS vaccine research due to scientific and financial risks. Here are figures to prove this. In the year 2005, biotechnology companies spent about ten percent of the $759 million on AIDS vaccine development and just three of the thirty companies spent around $5 million of their capital in AIDS vaccine research. Companies fear that they may not be able to recover their investments as HIV is mostly prevalent in developing countries and it would be difficult for them to cough up money for the treatment. Though there has been increase in philanthropic funding for finding out cure for AIDS but the involvement of industry is necessary as these companies bring their specialized skills and resources along.